Friday, May 18, 2007

Tag response part 1 . . .

. . . a bit belatedly: 1. I love the sea, not being on it, but by it, just watching it. When our kids were growing up and we lived in Poole (second largest natural harbour in the world) DH and his Dad decided to buy a boat, not your plushy yacht or speedboat, but a modest half cabin, outboard motor job. I thought what a great idea, until I came to ride in it. Then I was nervous and didn't really enjoy our trips out. When we started having holidays on canals I realsied what the trouble was - I don't like being on water that moves!
2. I have 4 daughters, 6 grandchildren - 5 girls, 1 boy, and a 7th on the way who is also a girl. Their parents are not keen on having clear images of them put on the internet, so I've hunted up an unclear one of some of them. We don't see them often as we live in the middle, 250 miles from one lot and 300 from the other. So here are some contented looking daughters and everyone watching salmon leap, on the grand family holiday we all had in Scotland last August.
3. I love flowers, and when these meconopsis / himalayan poppies flowered last yearI was unreasonably happy. We bought 4 plants in pots, put them in the garden and I watched them anxiously for months, getting mad with the slugs. All 4 flowered beautifully. This year only one has grown! But we are moving away anyhow.

I'm going to stop now as blogger is getting unhappy - I can't lose this post, all this effort! Part 2 next time, Dy.


Dy said...

I am so with you on number 1! When I was about 7 we used to go out on the river in my dad's speedboat, and if there was any choppiness at all I'd be curled up in the foetal position on the floor under a towel, terrified. Looking at water is so much nicer, yes

Mandy said...

A really interesting post, Barbara. Wonderful photos.