Saturday, October 13, 2007

Autumn sewing . . . .

Well I have been doing some sewing, not just touring the countryside and chasing squirrels. I've joined the Poole group of West Country Embroiderers and this week we did Redwork. It is all stem, chain or back stitch in stranded cotton, and I chose to use an old damask tablecloth. The tutor brought pictures of the 12 days of Christmas, and instructions for making a string of the little blocks to hang across a mantelpiece or such. I think I'll probably make a small quilt with them as we don't have a mantelpiece. The red/white check is for edging and backing. 4 blocks to go. Watch this space.
Because of the pattern woven into the fabric I did a sample before the meeting to see if the stitching would work on it ok. Then I couldn't resist finishing it off with seeding and kantha-type quilting. Sometimes a stitch gets a bit swallowed by threads in the weave but overall it is fine, and the fabric has a nice substantial feel to it as well as being really white. As for the beads, well, something had to go in the centre.
And there's been time for a quick shop too, Fabricland in Poole, with a friend. How could anyone resist this batik, ony £2.99 metre?

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Things Hand Made said...

Oooh thats lovely, I love red and white. I can feel a christmas project coming on!