Monday, October 15, 2007

School work . . .

. . . by eldest grandaughter (12). The pink one is a lovely bit of tie-dyeing done at her junior school last term, and the other she's working on at her new secondary school. She had some help from grandma to do the background fabric. We damped it, wrapped it round a cylinder, pushed it down the cylinder to scrunch it up and then painted it with silk paints. This method gives you the nice wavy pattern. The fish are all her own idea and execution though I showed her how to apply the smaller pieces using cross stitch. It is going to be a cushion, like the first one. When I started secondary school we had to sew cookery aprons from white poplin that the needle would hardly go through, with straps a mile long, all to be hemmed by hand. Why didn't it put me off stitching for life?


verobirdie said...

Lol, As I read your post, I had the same thoughts as you, with a difference: I really did learn how to sew cloths, and those basics served me right in my adult life.

Mandy said...

Isn't it wonderful that your grand-daughter has something which inspires her as school work. These cushions are going to be marvellous.

Sue Wild said...

Hello Barbara. I did like seeing the lovely cushions that your granddaughter has made and hope she is inspired to try more stitching.

I had a link from a local friend of mine, we both belong to a quilt group in Parkstone. She found your blog quite by chance Googling for the embroidery exhibition in the New Forest. I also make fabric postcards and belong to a couple of Yahoo postcard groups.

BTW Welcome to Poole!

Best wishes


Linda said...

How lucky she is to be doing any sewing at all!

Hope you don't mind but I've tagged you - see for the 'rules'