Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tagged! Help!

Linda has tagged me, bless her heart!!!
Actually, Linda, I have been tagged before, several months ago and am not sure if I can think of 7 new things to say about myself! Here goes, some readers might find what follows disturbing/boring/amusing/scary/stimulating/interesting/informative/deadly . . . . (Can't find pix for all of them)
1. One of my grandfathers was a bigamist
2. I love Tesco - well, for the first half hour in the store anyway.
3. Every time I go to a beach or shoreline I pick up shells and pebbles, and when we moved I brought several icecream tubs full of them with me! I have now made a vow to myself only to pick up very small ones, not bigger than 1/2". (The Quilters' Guild badge gives a guide to size!)

4. We've always grown our own tomatoes and they are so much nicer than shop bought ones I don't bother to eat them the rest of the year. This year because of moving house we couldn't grow any, but in the garden here we found a very late stray. Its been in the greenhouse and now we have taken it indoors! Its a good healthy plant and has some flowers, but it will be extraordinary if any tomatoes do grow.
5. One of my favourite arty activities is printing (aka stamping, when did we start calling it that? is there any difference?), and I just did these papers with one real beech leaf and a block made from a polysomething meat tray:6. Usually I work in colours, strong and bright ones, but just to show I'm capable of doing pale - two crazy cushions in whites and creams which we need now we have a terra cotta coloured sofa. (That's 2 facts in one, the pales and the sofa! Buy one get one free, see Tesco above.)7. And last but not least, I am a woman of simple pleasures (see Tesco again) and for ages now I have wanted a humble spider plant. Found this on a sales table at church recently, so now I am happy. (OOps, more stones.)Apologies, but I don't think I can cope with tagging anyone else, am not sure who to ask. Well, I have done half the task.


sharon young said...

Hi Barbara
Found your blog via linda's, and what an interesting read it was too, so maybe tagging isn't all bad. I shall add you to my interesting blog list so I can return for another look at a more liesurely pace.
Love your leaf prints,lovely muted colours, it's a favourite passtime of mine too.

Helen said...

Hi Barbara, love your blog. Seeing that spider plant brought back memories of going to a church sale of work years ago in SE England
( Tunbridge Wells to be exact ). I bought my Mum a tiny spider plant for sixpence( I would've been about 9 at the time ) and would you believe it, it grew into the most ginormous monster and Mum was continually giving away it's babies.LOL
I'm a sucker for shells also, but you don't see the razor shells here in Queensland.