Thursday, November 08, 2007

More postcards . . .

. . . and although default mode for me seems to be those strip ones I did do a trawl on the internet to find some other ideas. So - framed pictures, woven strips and ribbons, woven frayed strips of sheers, and one where a motif in one of the fabrics is enlarged and stitched.
An important element in making all my cards is the colour grouping, linking colours across the card e.g. orange and blues top left above, or using a close group e.g. pinky bluey, then extending to a true red and orange (top right above).

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crazyQstitcher said...

Hi, being a quiet period I am catching up with blogs and deleting most. Not your's though as it is too interesting. I love all of your works and photos too. They have given me ideas for postcards. There are far too many projects of yours to comment individually, so please accept my compliments on every one
Have a safe, healthy and happy New Year, Maureen