Wednesday, November 07, 2007

October windfall

On the last Saturday in October I went to my first Quilters' Guild Day back here in Poole and bought a strip of raffle tickets . . . and won . . . . . this!!!!!I hadn't even realised it was a raffle prize! People were talking about winning 'the embellisher' but I thought it was some special competition and didn't take any notice. Then the number that came up was mine! I don't always even buy raffle tickets, and had only bought some that day because a nice little girl who had come with her mum for the day came round at lunchtime asking if people had got their tickets yet! Perhaps I should share it with her mum!
Anyway, eventually I stopped feeling stunned long enough to start playing with it and looking for examples of work on the internet. Any links to interesting embellisher work pix from readers of this blog will be gratefully received and could be emailed using the link on my profile page.
One postcard, and a Christmas star - they need some hand stitching and beads, but I've posted them in their plain state to show the needlepunched work. The card has coils of knitting yarns and both have scraps of synthetic organzas pushed into felt. The star is double-sided, 2 worked stars sandwiched together. The back of the postcard shows how the fibres get pushed through the foundation stuff.


Susan D said...

Lucky you, that's the best prize draw though when you don't know you've even entered it. I bought a Janome one last month, have only done a few things with it but have a look at what Lynda at has been doing.

Lynne said...

A windfall indeed, I've been hankering after an embellisher for ages but will have to wait a bit longer yet. Lots of bloggers seem to be playing with them at the moment: Dale of Downunderdale ( written a book as has Maggie Grey of Magstitch ( Also do you know about Fiber & Stitch, an online magazine. They have some free tutorials including one on embellished cords and if you subscribe there is more plus a forum which has been discussing embellishers lately. Their address is Enjoy your new toy!

verobirdie said...

lucky you ! You are going to have a lot of fun! Enjoy yourself!

Linda said...

I'm really pleased for you - I bet you won't miss Reg 13 guild days after this!!!!!!