Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New stitching challenges . . .

Linda left a comment on my last TAST posting asking whatever would I do in 2008, with TAST finished. Well, here's the answer - Sharon B's new challenge. I've found with TAST over the year that the amount of stitching I've been able to do has varied a lot. Sometimes I've had a lot of ideas to try out on a stitch, sometimes none at all beyond simply doing the basic stitch. When other tasks have had priority and something has to be squeezed it has often been TAST, but iIhave tred to catch up when I could. There is quite a satisfying feeling to having stuck with it, however imperfectly at times. Musn't speak too soon, there are some more weeks to go! Here's thorn stitch and knotted cable chain - which is a bit like oyster stitch, isn't it, with an extended bit?
A second challenge is being run by Infinity, the Quilters' Guild Contemporary Quilt group local manifestation in Poole. This year members have been making A4 size journal quilts by the process described in my last post. We have one more of those - 'South America, animals, Picasso' are the three categories. Well, what would YOU do? The new challenge is to do a 12" by 12" quilt every 2 months, to a theme lucky dipped from words suggested by members. We've picked the first - 'beachcombing'. So, if I haven't got anything much to think about over Chrstmas all that can fill the gap!

So we have to have a nice beach photo. This is Dunnet Bay, on the northernmost mainland coast of Scotland.

And ok its a bit early for Christmas, but I've made one seasonally appropriate postcard.

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Linda said...

Oh, how I wish I hadn't asked the question. This new challenge sounds soooooooooo appealling, I nearly signed up on the spot!I can imagine it taking me out of my comfort zone, but have I the time??? Has 'having the time' or not, ever got in the way before - nope, back to Sharon's blog to sign up.
Thanks Barbara! (I think)