Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What a pessimist . . .

. . . it was just a momentary blip.
I've been making postcards again, trying out faux chenille, where the top fabric doesn't look like such a good choice as it is staying a bit flat. Or maybe the lines are too wide. The strips seem to be my default mode! Then I fancied doing something in black and white, and stitched writing interests me too at the moment. The second one uses up some scraps from, believe it or not, my C&G part 2 quilt, where I coloured a lot of fabric with oilbars (Markal / Shiva paintsticks). That was about 10 years ago. How's that for hoarding?
Then there is yet another palm tree. They are all over the place here where we live, and the one in next door's garden fascinates me. The black/yellow one is a nice bit of batik, a black strip and a yellow ribbon, hand fly stitch with colours reversed, very simple.

At the Quilters' Guild day where I won the embellisher we had 3 workshops, one of which was Carol Dowsett doing a postcard using cut-out leaf shapes and fabric transfer paints. Same technique as in the taster for the new QuiltWOW, beginning soon, quilters' version of the embroiderery Workshop on the Web. I got it finished eventually, when I ran out of space for seed stitches.
Finally, the one postcard I've made so far on the embellisher, plus some beads.

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