Sunday, June 07, 2009

creative stuff at church . .

. . . just over life-size figures, the Rhythm of Life band, made by weaving strips of fabric, plastic, paper in and out of chicken wire moulded over a wooden armature. The instruments are constructed out of card covered with paper, painted gold. This was a project lots of people had a go with, anyone who was in the church building for whatever purpose was encouraged to put some strips in, and they did. There's a guitarist, drummer . . . . . trumpeter, saxophone player (well, nearest we could get to a saxophone!) . . and a violinist. Interesting mixture. I wonder what that would sound like if they all came alive one time and started to play?
The figures were constructed and the work facilitated by Jacqi Lea, a community artist from Southampton.
Then this is done by a group of us who've been involved in making altar covers. See same link as the band (above). We made a strip each,using a drawing of an idea one of us had, relating to the Hard Rain exhibition we have at the church till October. There is a lot of detail in the embroidery, worth a click to see a bigger picture.
This was on the lable that went with it.
The Hard Rain pictures are mostly pretty bleak and that is how our ‘story’ begins. But stubborn little green shoots eventually penetrate the dark landscape and expand into green places where the rhythm of growth takes over , producing fruit that continues the cycle of new life. And the tree spreads out across all of it.

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