Saturday, June 20, 2009

WCE June Exhibition

On the transfer paints day an exhibition was set up of work from the Poole branch of WCE at Upton House, a local council owned manor house plus grounds which is a great place for a day out. Years ago Prince Carel of Rumania was living there, and got behind with his rent I believe. The most upmarket council house in the country we used to joke among ourselves. There is a small gallery above the cofee shop which has regular exhibitions of various kinds. This was the first time the group had exhibited, and there was a lot of impressive work to look at. The pix can be clicked on for a larger version, where the separate elements of the collages can be seen more clearly. There were framed pictures, cushions, bags, boxes, pin cushions, book covers, small hangings, postcards, journal quilts. To hang things on the walls you have to knock nails in, then fill in the holes afterwards and restore it to its previous condition. We didn't want to cope with that so we had mostly smaller items, the sort of things embroiderers tend to make compared with quilters.
Readers of Stitch magazine may spot a few things made from articles in that. And a surprising number of items from our monthly workshops turned up, finished and looking smart. We all made items for the sales tables, top pic bottom left, to raise a bit of money. General consensus seems to be that it was a very successful event, and it has given us confidence for another one in the future.


Linda said...

Looks like a good exhibition and it's nice to see one so well displayed.

Ruth O'Leary said...

That looks like a terrific exhibition! I know how difficult it is to put on an exhibition like this, so well done to everyone involved.