Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exciting stuff at WCE . . .

. . . in June. Eileen Pugh, one of our members, gave us a great workshop on using fabric transfer paints. She showed us 2 lovely pieces her sister had done in the past, colouring her fabric and then adding stitching.
With this to inspire us we painted away, on paper, using drawings Eileen provided of flowers and butterflies. The iris one was popular. The idea is then, when the paint is dry (a hairdryer helps speed things up. I seldom use mine for drying hair!), you lay the painted paper down on fabric and iron it carefully. The heat releases the colour. Polyester absorbs it very efficiently, so we tried out pure polyester and polycottons. Colour does come off on natural fibres alone but needs special treatment to fix it.
As we loosened up we tried other effects, splodgy backgrounds, tearing strips, sponging.
And you can also print one image over another.There was so much to show at the end I've had to make 2 collages to display it all.

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