Saturday, June 06, 2009

West Country Embroiderers in May

We made folder covers with Wendy Jackson, the 'proper' sort where you cover mount board with fabric, lace it on the back, and then handstitch a lighter weight, similarly covered card to it as a 'lining'. The folders have side pieces, through which holes are punched and cords threaded to hold pages in place. Soft hinges attach the side pieces to the main piece.

It is the same method for covering board with fabric that is used for boxes. I have only ever made 'soft' boxes, with pelmet vilene, and have avoided this lacing method, thinking it was too difficult. Well, it is fiddly, and awkward stitching the pieces together. I tried a curved needle, recommended as helpful, but it kept twisting round in my fingers and I couldn't hold it. In the end I found a long milliner's needle (straw) worked well as I could then get it into the fabric at the awkward angle needed and still have some of it to hold on to!

I know a lot of people are completely addicted to making boxes by this method, and Wendy had a lot of folders, some really big, for City & Guilds stuff, and my hat goes off to them all! They are much to be admired for their skill in this! As for me, I finished my cover, probably won't make another, but as usual, was glad of the opportunity to try it out. That's the interesting thing about groups like WCE where there is a day's workshop every month, topics chosen to give something for a wide range of interest, might not suit you every time, but it makes you have a try at techniques you wouldn't choose yourself to do. I find that enriching, in spite of myself!

Pic of my effort next time, not photographed yet, I keep forgetting.
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