Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Colouring fabric . . .

. . . by wrapping it round a cylindrical thing and squashing it down in pleats, then painting it. I used an old wine bottle as my fabric bits were not large, but scrappy leftovers, and the intention was to experiment as I haven't done this for some time. It was mentioned on the Contemporary Quilt Group yahoo list and a link given, which spurred this activity.

Finished result, ironed, and looking a lot paler in this photo that in real life!
And here is piece 2, still damp and unironed
Why not do a bit of stitched resist while the paints are out? Scraps again, and set in motion by meeting a Dorset shibori artist, Annabel Wilson, and seeing her lovely meticulous work, see here, at an art and crafts fair at which our church stitching group had a stand last week. Some bits have worked better than others, depending on the type of cloth, and there is a mix here. I don't know what they are, being unmethodical. Also I have difficulty pullling the stitches up tight enough to resist enough often. But again, the pieces all have more marks on them that this photo seems to show.
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Trekky said...

Such beautiful patterns! It seems you have been having lots of fun!

maggi21 said...

Love the patterns that have emerged.