Monday, June 14, 2010

Tidying up . . .

. . .  bits and pieces after my book making classes, I just had to use up some cover bits and pages that were left over. 
A slightly different treatment of the long stitches - wrapping the outer ones - and some bead dangles.

While painting a cover I like to paint an A4 sheet or two as well to use in the book, generally as the outer page of signatures.

A different stitching style, going over the spine edge to get into the next signature.  Buttonhole stitch over those stitches turned them into curly squiggles, to match the oil pastel squiggles on the cover (inadvertently!). 

Plain stitches in matching threads.  I was trying to copy a stitch design I'd seen somewhere, but just couldn't work out how to get smoothly into the next signature with this pattern so did a lot of fiddling about and improvising.
Printing with interference paints on black painted card, and a button sewn on the front to wind a cord round for a closure.
Another button plus cord.  I need a few more ideas for closures.
The background is some paper DD3 and i printed up to make something to wrap a present for DD2.  We made the big butterfly print blocks and the small butterflies and flower shapes came from a stick on set of bits in the children's craft sectin at Tesco.

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