Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More wrapping . . .

. . . of fabric round something cylindrical. a real bit of drainpipe this time.  It is quite a fine cotton, and the colour has mostly gone right through it, so I must have applied it a bit unevenly to get those irregular blotches.
The wet one from the previous post now nicely ironed.  A bit less colour on this one, so I should have applied a bit more.   
And the last one, just scrunched down in a plastic tray in the ordinary way.
Using paint, the runny silk paint variety, is easier to manage than dye, because of not having to mix up salt, soda etc, but you do have to iron to fix the colour.  Those darkest lines seem to come when applying paint but not with dye.  Interesting.


Mandy said...

Wow! These look lovely, Barbara. I really must try this out for myself.

CTStudios said...

Okay, I'm interested, and since I happen to have paints out at the moment; might even give it a try today !

Thanks for sharing.