Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Finishing off

Books that i had in various states of unfinishedness during the classes i've been running, have now been completed. One with pages half A5 folded, with painted paper stuck to card covers, longstitch binding over ribbons, and a large silver brad to wind a cord round for a closure.
Longstitch again, with the long stitches linked into each other to form a herringbone stitch effect.  As usual the cover is cereal packet with oil pastels, and in this case, a wash of coloured inks over.
While painting the cover, instead of washing leftover colour from the brush I painted it out onto a sheet of paper.  This was then torn up to form the outer folio of three of the signatures (the pages in this book are one third A4).  I like the look of the coloured pages here and there in the book.
Another painted paper stuck to card cover and stitching over tapes, in this case plain white cotton tape painted to go with the book.  The lesson to be learned with this one was not to leave the covers in the hot sun, even though they had been left to dry under weights, because they bent a bit.

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CTStudios said...

I especially enjoy the first journal shown; the color combination is peaceful and inviting.