Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Bag that Sold, and What You Really Need to Do With Plastic Wallets

I mentioned on the Stitching Post list a bag I'd made from pieced strips, with embroidery covering the strips, that subsequently sold at an exhibition. Here are the 2 sides of it,above and below.

Plastic wallets, the sort you normally slip A4 sheets of paper into, can be used for more exciting things. This one was slit open, had fabric scraps and threads offcuts sandwiched in it, was stitched all over (free machine stitching), painted and zapped with a heatgun. A bit more zapping would have made it lacier but I chickened out.
Then I folded several sheets of A4 paper in half, folded the plastic in half. slipped them inside each other and stitched them together down the fold. Added a machine wrapped cord and - the plastic wallet has become a book cover.
The next step in my technological travels is that, as you see, i have discovered how to put photos in the blog.


Felicity said...

Thanks very much for commenting on my blog! I love this purse, the colours are wonderful!

Linda said...

Thanks for the link to the instructions WITH PICTURES!! I'm glad that you have developed that particular skill, because I'm definitely a visual learner,