Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cheating, and the Caldon Canal

Take a look down the first posts and you will see that I have cheated, and changed something. Today's technology challenge was to create a link, you know, where words are highlighted, you click on them and a web page comes up? Well, I've sussed it today, and put some into the older posts.

I am feeling a bit pleased with myself.

The photo [2nd one] is our 38' narrowboat, on the Macclesfield canal 2 weeks ago, we'd just been having lunch in a shady spot. My husband has gone off in it today, taking 10 Chinese students from Manchester for a trip. I wanted the photo to come in between the first pargraph and this one. - my next tech challenge I think.

Not made it yet, the top pic I hoped would come in here. Need to phone a friend, obviously, or email.

The boat did get through the tunnel, though we had to take nearly everything off the roof - flowers, chimney,- and duck down as we drove through! It's right at the end of the Caldon canal, at a place called Froghall, which is famous among canal boaters, because of this very low tunnel which only very low-built boats can get through, but is unheard of by anyone else! Beyond the tunnel, in the 19th century, limestone was brought down from the hills on tramways, loaded onto barges and transported along the Caldon to the main line of the Trent and Mersey canal, along which it could head for London, or Manchester. Some of the stone was burned in limekilns at Froghall and shipped in powder form. Today it is all completely quiet and peaceful, with ducks, grey wagtails, swallows, bees, and the occasional boat.

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