Thursday, July 20, 2006

Getting There

This is a bit of a learning curve. I'd rather be stitching!

I've been puzzling how to get a second entry onto my blog. There seemed to be nothing to click that would open the way. But I knew there must be something out there somewhere. So I set myself a target - to find the way in. I looked at the links on StitchingPost and saw several with the same address, Aha, I thought, here's a clue. So I put my blog name into one of the blog addresses and hit enter. And got my blog. It then occured to me to try clicking the icon in the extreme top left corner. Aha, here's the homepage. Right, where to go next? Try help. Yes, there it is, how to do a new entry. So here it is.
Does anyone else out there feel like a 5 year old? Only my 5 year old grandchildren could do it all quicker, i've no doubt. Never mind, its good to be made to feel humble sometimes, even when you are old enough to get a free buspass.

So back to stitching - I'm trying out Palestina stitch, one of the 100 details. Had to look it up in my stitches book rather than Sharon's online dictionary [as our computer gave up in the heatwave the UK has at the moment] which didn't show how to get the long 'tail' on the stitch. I was chuffed to work it out myself - easier than the technology mentioned above!

Next task - to get a picture posted. Watch this space.

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sharonb said...

thanks for the links - pleased you have them sussed