Sunday, July 30, 2006

Small Technological Victory

Had great traumas yesterday trying to post a tutorial on melting plastic wallets (see earlier posting) on the Stitching Post blog. The saga is explained there in a comment. But today it was done successfully, though not because of any expertise on my part. I did check to see if my cookies were enabled, all on my own. I'm proud of that. (If that wasn't computer-speak whatever would it mean?). Also I managed to move the pics around, because they had uploaded in the wrong order. For my next trick . . . I may need a beautiful assistant.

So here's some more embroidery to help calm everything down.

This year the UK Embroiderers' Guild, NW Region has been having a series of three exhibitions, Embroidery in Trust in 3 National Trust properties in the region. I belong to the Macclesfield branch and the house we focussed on was Little Moreton Hall, a wonderful black and white half timbered house. Our work had to be based on things seen at the house. Many people picked on some aspect of the timbering patterns. Included here are 2 more pieces using the quatrefoil shape with different techniques. The one above is shadow quilting with black net over white silk and a black fabric with a bit of a sheen, plus cords I twisted, and some beads. Some of us went to the costume museum in Manchester to look at Elizabethan artefacts, to help us with ideas. One item there is a 'book cushion', about 8" square. Mine is a bit bigger. Funny thing is, I do rest a book I am reading on a cushion often, to get it at a better height for my varifocals!

Here's a lap quilt, with printed shapes on calico, quilted round with stem stitch and the thicker perlé, which looks like a cord. The shapes in the corners are '3D', free stitched over, beeds in the centres. I want to add some more beads to other parts.

This is just under A4 size, made from metallic chocolate wrappers, machine stitching, and a painted nappy liner zapped with a heat gun. Mounted on black felt on an artist's stretch canvas. The yellow bit is a corner of a cushion, next to my piece in the exhibition!

The idea came from a class in workshop on the web.


Jo in NZ said...

A nappy liner. You've got to be kidding me!! This must be the most innovate idea I've come across to date. Your piece looks stunning the photo, so it must be amazing in person.

ps. I am currently unemployed and beautiful assistant sounds like just the ticket.

barbara ac said...

You're on, Jo. You can have the job of uploading my pictures. Its driving me mad at the moment, its so slow! Can't pay you though!!!!

katiejayinpa said...

ops, sorry about that, i thought there were more commentnts sections under the other poictures...the black and white trfoil is very interesting, i like th shapes and the straight sittiches you added for emphasis and interest.

And you sane quilting(the opposite of course is crazy is very nice.,..i like the bronws and quietness of the quilt.