Friday, November 28, 2008

And yet more . . .

Daughter's latest, made for a friend's birthday. Two recent ones, need their edges doing. Not my usual colour choice, but I do like these fabrics, which include 3 African ones, 2 from Uganda and one from Togo.
These are quite old now - some embroidery over printed images, a metal piece marked with a flower, the finished 'wild' Dorset feather stitch card the beginnings of which appeared ina blog post last year, and a piece of felt covered randomly with running stitches, using up all those small(ish) offcuts of thread left in the needle when stitching things.

Clockwise - A finished horizontal strips landscape, machine stitching of scraps under net, sweet wrappers under sheer strips, and trimmings left from my daughter's efforts under net.
Sort of crazy patchwork, uses up scraps not long enough for the strip approach. The bue one is machine stitched, the others hand work. The pale one is unusual for me too. Postcards are very useful for trying something a bit different.
And that's it. I have got 3 or 4 more partly made, but will save those for another time!


Pat said...

Barbara, what a super colletion of cards, I was especially fascinated by the one that is made of the ends of threads.

Gina E. said...

Hi Barbara,
I have popped across from the Postcard group on Stitchin Fingers, and I am absolutely blown away by your gorgeous postcards! (And your grand daughter's work too). Are you interested in swapping any of them? I've got very keen on exchanges since I joined Stitchin Fingers, and would love to do a one to one exchange with you. There are pictures on my blog of the postcards I've done so far (not as many as you, but I'm improving with each one!)