Sunday, November 09, 2008

St Hubert's altar cloth

In our parish there are two church buildings, one about 10 year's old, modern, light, beautiful space, and a small, very old one, a real traditional English country church. A group of ladies got together to make new altar cloths for the latter, St Hubert's. We made one for weddings, (pix on church website) and now this one for everyday use. Its design stimulus are the colours and some of the shapes in the roof bosses. 9 of us made one or two strips each, duplicated in mirror image, in techniques we chose. The whole thing was put together, stretched on a wooden frame, and hung on the front of the altar. Here some detail:
The three interlinked hares boss is of rather special interest. See the Friends of St Hubert's website for details and more about the building and the bosses.

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