Friday, November 28, 2008

Postcard fest continued . . .

Some I did a while ago but haven't photographed till now - small square scraps zigzagged down, under the sea - couched threads with beads and shells and a couched thread for the edging, scraps machine stitched over beneath net plus couched yarns and beads. Funny, in the pic you can see a shape like a mountain, I've not noticed that in the actual card! Some of the palm tree series - sounds grand!
More strips, can't leave them alone. Horizontal makes a change though, they are mostly vertical. On the right is an abstract impresion of Dorset, where I live. Sky, sea, sand, fields, woods mostly. Oversimplified of course, the Poole/Bournemouth conurbation where I live is huge, typical urban sprawl and the rest!
Some leftovers of nice rich colours and experiments with thread colour choices. E.g. bottom left uses only green and red threads, and bottom right the same variegated pink/green one.
Some cards have not had their edges done yet. I like to leave a few as when I am teaching people how to make them it helps to have something at all the stages to show.

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