Friday, November 28, 2008

Postcard fest . . .

I've just joined stitchinfingers started by Sharon Boggon. Its one of those forum things, with groups for different specific interests, and I always find it hard to describe them. Look it up and see! So I've linked up to hand embroidery and fabric postcard groups and thought I'd better update my postcard photos.
Here's a tip to start with - usually I find that when I have first laid out the bits of fabric I want to use it is all a bit confusing, hard to see what it will look like as a card. So I made a frame/window the exact finished size (mostly 6" x 4" for me) with the side of a cereal packet and I now lay this over what I am working on and it gives me a much better view of how the finished piece will be.
This is a card our 10 year old granddaughter is making: Here's one with just the fabric strips laid out:
And one that needs a bit more hand stitching and beads, and some of the orangey colour added to the right-hand side for balance, looking at it like this tells me.

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sharonb said...

I had to smile because I find describing stitching fingers hard too - one of those forum things - id actually well described
Anyway I hope you enjoy it there