Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another book . . .

. . . a small one, 1/4 of A4 size, with codex binding. I made one like this and sent it to a granddaughter for her birthday, so made one in the same way to keep for myself. Samples of various types are handy for my classes.

The cord is attached through a hole poked in the cover, and is threaded through the button. It wraps round the book and round the button to keep the book shut.
With this style you get the chain stitches where the signatures are linked to each other. If thick thread is used it tends to make a gap between signatures where the thread loops round, so I thought what if I use a fine thread? But I like lots of visible stitching, and fine thread would be a bit insignificant. So, solution, have lots of holes, thus lots of lines of stitching. Result - smaller gaps (though still some space) and lots of nice stitching to be seen. Success!
I find too, that stitches should not be pulled up as tight as with some other sorts of binding. You would think that to pull the thread up would help with the gap problem. But it also scrunches the spine so the signatures bunch untidily and the book will not close. So some careful judgement is needed. Not straightforward! It is a nice compact little book.
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