Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Holiday reading . . .

. . .on a cold day.  The next best thing to reading books is to make them!  These two were made by eldest daughter Claire and granddaughter Rebecca at one of a series of 'informal book making' classes I'm running at home at the moment, and were finished off on holiday in Cornwall last week (pix to come).
I'd made this one earlier, using Inktense pencils to colour the cover . . .
. . .and this one on holiday, printing the pattern in acrylic paint with a wine bottle cork, and putting a watercolour wash over.
Hannah made this one, a concertina fold with pamphlet stitched pages in the valley folds.
Then Claire made this one . . .
. . . and this one.
. . . and this one!
Hannah (left) and Rebecca (right) made these, using the cork.
And here's the class ones again, closeup of the stitching, to which Claire added some beads and a twisted place marker looped into one of the stitches at the top.
The covers are all made from corn flakes packet card.  Those that aren't printed with the cork have been coloured by drawing on the inside, the uncoloured side, using oil pastels, including metallic ones, then putting a watercolour wash over.  The coloured side of this cereal packet card I have found needs to be painted over with black acrylic paint to hide the colour, but the other side does take the other mediums pretty well.

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