Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A book for a graddaughter.

This is the book I mentioned in the previous post, that was sent as a birthday present. Same size, 1/4 A4, same method, coptic binding. The butterflies are cut with one of those punches and stuck on.

The cover paper, stuck over card, is coloured by doing a rough rubbing with wax crayons, and a black ink wash over.
Posting is very odd today. When i try in the usual way to get photos on the window that comes up is one I've never seen before and i have no idea how to find the pix i want with it. It's not the new blogger system that I had just got used to and used with success. It seems to keep asking me to choose pix that are already on the blog. Wierd. So For this and the previous post I've gone from Picasa, selecting pix there and clicking on 'Blog this'. But it has lost some of the pix I chose!! What is going on???

I'm giving up on capital I's btw. They nearly always come out wrong and i'm tired of changing them.
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