Friday, April 30, 2010

Its a long time . . .

. . . since I've been on Upton Heath, but the other Sunday we had a New Zealand couple who had been teaching the day before at our church at our home to lunch, and afterwards, in the sunshine, we went for a walk. it was hazy, butin the distance you could see the Poole harbour entrance, just, and the isle of Purbeck to the west.
Some of the gorse was out, the rich yellow always amazes me, all that enticing colour on a bush with fierce thorns that repel you.
But there were more delicate beauties - tiny birch leaves unfolding themselves and catkins . . .
. . . and more in the next instalment. I'm posting from picasa and it is not letting me have all the pix I selected in one shot.
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Mandy said...

The gorse is such a startling colour. Whenever I see it in full bloom its almost like seeing it for the first time.
As always, beautiful photos.