Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flowers and butterflies . . .

. . . on the book some of whose pix got lost while uploading yesterday.  What a contrived link!  Sorry.  Here's the stitching on the spine, using a fine perlé thread.

And now the flowers, that have grown a bit since the last Spring pix.  I've arranged them in a sort of sequence of colour.  It is quite amazing how many gradations there are in colours.  I suppose really it just goes in a continuous shading, not in separatable steps!

I like the shadows on the wall
and the shape of these pointy tulips
contrasted with the blunt curves of these primroses
and the small round bell-shaped blobs of the grape hyacinths.
This horse chestnut has been growing for 4 years, I think.  It needs a proper home somewhere, out of its pot.

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