Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A bit more . . .

. . .  about the home-made coloured paper in the last post.  This first one is more of a brown than the grey it looks here.  Then there's black, blue and green.  I started by putting unwanted paper through a shredder.  These shreddings were separated into the colours and soaked in water for a bit, some of it overnight.  Then I whizzed it in my blender (one of those vase/jug-like things that you have to hold on the base with the motor in - not used in the kitchen these days I hasten to add). This produced a pulp of uneven consistency, depending on how much whizzing was done, a mixture pf nice pulp and small fragments of the papers.  This worked well I thought, as the small bits make the paper interesting and varied.  A mixture of red, green and blue shreddings produced a pulp that looked like brown sick, so you are warned, but the paper it made is interesting!

I made a few sheets of each colour, then started mixing them, a scoop of this in here and of that in there . . .  

I tried black with each colour and got some nice darker tone versions.

Fuller instructions for making sheets of paper can be easily found by googling.  There are a lot of variations in method and equipment.  Briefly, I had a wood frame with synthetic net curtaining stapled onto it and a washing up bowl with pulp and water in.  I dipped the frame into the bowl, slid it horizontal under the water and lifted it out, with a pulp layer trapped on the net.  I then turned this onto a j cloth on a folded towel, sponged and pressed as much water out as I could and lifted the frame, leaving the pulp, now compressed into a sheet, on the cloth.  I doubled the cloth over, pressed it some more, and pegged it up on my airer, where it dried in a few hours in a warm place or overnight.  The cloth was peeled off when dry and lo and behold, a sheet of paper!  This is all I'm going to explain as the tutorials you will find are very long and detailed, and I haven't time!

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